• Experience: easy diving, also suitable for beginners, because there is seldom a strong current.
  • Coral life: reef flat good, drop off poor.
  • Fauna: it’s possible to see Napoleon Fish, turtles. moray eels and a lot reef fish. In open water you can see pelagic fishes.
  • Particular features: caves and overhangs.
  • During north-east monsoon: mostly current flows from North to South, so the reef is on your right side. You’ll find overhangs between 8 and 30 rn. When caves finish, go up to about 10 nit and you can see beautiful table coral (Acropora) and many reef fish. On the top reef is possible to meet turtles.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly current flows from South to North, so the reef is on your left side otherwise same as north-east monsoon season.
  • Safety considerations: not recommended, when you have big waves, as you feel constantly the wave surge.
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