• Experience level: easy diving, also suitable for beginners, because there is seldom a strong current.
  • Coral life: beautiful top reef with many hard corals. -Along the pinnacle there are many black corals bush and weep gorgonians.
  • Fauna: it’s possible to see Napoleon Fish, turtles. moray eels and a lot reef fish. in open water you can see pelagic fish.
  • Particular features: caves and overhangs.
  • Diving Hints: jump on the upside current and start diving in the deepest area where you can see many coral blocks with loads of reef fish and some caves with black coral bush and Glass fish. Swim all around the Thila if current allows until you will reach the top reef rich with hard corals and many colorful fish, above all anthias, anernonefish and damselfish. Into the blue is possible to see school of fusiliers hunted by jackfish and tuna fish.
  • Safety Considerations: With strong current might be tough to swim all around the Thila ’cause you will feel the current against once beyond the upside current so stay close to the reef or the bottom to feel less attrition.
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