• Experience level: with less current it is an easy dive for everybody; with medium-strong current, the dive is for advanced dives.
  • Coral life: beautiful soft corals in the channel. outer reef with nice stone corals.
  • Fauna: white tip sharks, grey reef sharks. eagle rays, napoleons, stingrays, school of humpback, dark snappers and moray eels.
  • Particular features: in the channel you can see a Thila (pinnacle) from about 20 m to 12 m, where you can see soft corals and a lot of fishes; grey reef sharks and eagle rays only found with incoming current.
  • During north-east monsoon: with incoming current, keep the right shoulder to the reef and start the dive close to the corner. Once you’ll see large school of black start going deeper until you can see Snappers fish, which indicates the entrance of channel. Keep the reef on your right and inside the channel you can see a huge potato coral (porites).
  • During south-west monsoon: with outgoing current, keep the left shoulder to the reef and start your dive into the channel. White tip reef sharks often are sleeping on the sandy slope; Once you will reach the corner you will see beautiful coral blocks with many reef fish. Finish the dive in the, outside reef.
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