• Experience level: easy diving, also suitable for beginners, because there is seldom a strong current.
  • Coral Life: In shallow water the coral life is very interesting. many hard corals such as stag-horn coral (Acropora),table corals (Acropora), Spiral Black corals (Stichopathes), Stony Corals (Scleractinia).
  • Fauna: along the reef is possible to see many colorful reef fish, such as anthias, damselfish, angel fish, moray eels. Possible see the turtle on top reef or inside one of the caves.
  • Particular features: caves and overhangs. Good for Naturalistic Night Dive.
  • Dive Hints: the best way for enjoying this peaceful place is diving in the North side of the Girl. Follow the current drifting with the right or left shoulder to the reef. In this pinnacle you don’t need to dive too deep, stay in shallow water between 5 and 15/20 mt to see the rich coral and fish life. Paying more attention is possible to find invertebrates like flat worm and nudibranches.
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