Environmental Policy

Plumeria Environmental Management

It is our policy to minimize the harmful effects and maximize the beneficial effects of our activities on our environment. We recognize our Hotel has an important role in protecting and enhancing our environment for future generations.

Our aims:

  • Minimize our total waste output
  • Maximize our reusable, recyclable and recoverable waste
  • Minimize our energy usage
  • Minimize any potential pollution
  • Minimize the impact of all other Hotel activities on our local environment (e.g. noise, odors, traffic management, building development, etc)

We do this through:

  • Employee awareness, training, feedback and incentives
  • Customer awareness and feedback
  • Purchasing Policy and Supplier Relationships
  • Facilities management (ensuring optimum efficiency in all building, plant and machinery etc)
  • Continuously communicating, monitoring, measuring and assessing our performance against out policies, objectives and targets.
  • Providing adequate resources to achieve the above

We invite our employees and customers to support our environmental behavior.

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