• Experience level: difficult, especially with stronger current.
  • Coral life: beautiful soft corals flourish on the reef slope; reef flat nearly 100% covered with nice stone corals.
  • Fauna: jackfish, fusilier fish, big tuna fish, batfish, long nose emperor fish, families of napoleons, big turtles, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, many groupers and moray eels.
  • Particular features: because the channel isn’t deep but large, it’s nice to cross the channel.
  • Dining north-east monsoon: mostly ingoing current usually you will keep the reef on your left; as here you aren’t entering the channel, but follow the outside and below the edge. With strong current you have to paddle all the way, but you’ll find a great fish life; don’t dive to deep, as the edge never comes higher than 10 m, otherwise you get a decompression time; The best side is the more shallow area, between 10 and 20 mt.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, you will keep the reef to the right; stay just below the edge during the dive; sometimes there is a strong current pulling you downwards, in this case it is better to stay on the top reef; don’t dive too deep, ’cause the edge never comes higher than 10 m, otherwise you will get a decompression time; the best side for diving is between 10 and 20m; at many points you find overhangs.
  • Safety considerations: with strong current either in or out avoid long safety stops; in these cases it’s better 4 to surface in a buddy team.
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