• Experience level: Experienced divers only.
  • Coral life: in the caves yellow, long soft corals( Alcyonaria) ; at outer reef slope huge Gorgorian Sea Fan ; on the Thila beautiful coral blocks.
  • Fauna: Very rich. Big school of jackfish. sergeant fish and snapper fish, white tip reef sharks, Grey reef Sharks (with incoming current), on top of the Thila turtles, many Napoleon Fish, sometimes eagle rays and Giant Trigger ( Titanum) inside the channel.
  • Particular features: beautiful Thila in the middle of channel; at the front of channel edge, between 20 and 40 int, big interesting caves.
  • During northeast monsoon: mostly incoming current; stay below the edge and have a look at the beautiful caves with its yellow soft corals; cross the entrance before the Thila and stay at the edge as long as possible; great variety of fish life in the open water; the Thila is not very long so don’t drift with the current too early into the channel. For a second dive choose the east part, as it is not so deep.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, start inside the channel at the end of the Thila; drift out of channel over the top of Thila and drift with the current along the reef, below the edge. For a second dive stay on the east part, as these caves are not as deep as those on the west side.
  • Safety considerations: check often your dive computer, as the wall is strongly inviting to a deeper dive; try to avoid long decompression times.
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