• Experience level: If the current is not too strong is a dive spot suitable even for beginners.
  • Coral life: giant “mushroom- coral on both sides at the entrance of the channel; blue and yellow soft corals.
  • Fauna: white tip reef sharks. napoleons, turtles, garden eels, school of black snappers, scorpion fish and soldier fish.
  • Particular features: The entrance of the channel is very narrow and the bed of channel is sandy; there are many garden eels and white tip reef sharks.
  • During north-east monsoon: mostly incoming current; as the channel is quite narrow, current can be very strong. Start diving in the outside reef. Close the drop off is possible to see pelagic fish and sleeping white tip on the sandy area. End the dive drifting inside the channel where you can keep the left hand to the reef until you will see a big” mushroom” coral block, Fungo, with many colorful fish.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, start diving inside the channel and keep the right hand to the reef to see, before the exit of the pass, a beautiful and big “mushroom” coral block, Fungo. The channel becomes narrow at the exit, and you can drift with the current up to north or south side ’cause both the side of the reef are very beautiful.
  • Safety considerations: with incoming and strong current pay more attention to the entry of the Pass.
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