• Experience level: Easy Dive if the current is not strong. The drop off is suitable for Advanced divers only.
  • Coral ‘Life: Both the corner of the channel are rich with several coral blocks of hard coral and weep coral.
  • Fauna : many schools of reef fish, such as Snapper fish, Soldier fish, Butterfly fish, Oriental Sweet lips. Possible to see Pelagic fish on the edge of the channel with incoming current.
  • During North-East monsoon : Mostly of the time the current flows inside the channel. so start diving in the outer reef and drift along the reef ( depends on the oceanic current) keeping the right or left shoulder to the reef. Once you reach the corner you can see beautiful coral blocks and a lot of reef fish. If current allows, stay close to the edge of the drop off to see the fish action ( white tip sharks, jackfish and tuna fish passing by). In the middle of the channel there is a beautiful Thila and the top reef is quite shallow, so you can swim around this pinnacle. Then drift inside the channel and stay close to the inner reef.
  • During South-West Monsoon : Mostly of the time the current is outgoing, so start diving inside the channel. You will reach the corner, rich in coral life and reef fish. If the current is not strong you can swim towards the middle of the Kandu to visit the Thila standing on it, otherwise is better to keep as reference the reef of the channel. End your dive in the outer reef.
  • Safety considerations: not recommended when you have big waves, as you feel constantly the wave surge.
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