• Experience level: not for beginners. if current is too strong.
  • Coral life: flourishing soft corals on the reef slope.
  • Fauna: large schools of fusilier fish and jackfish, white tip reef sharks, Napoleon fish. big school of snapper fish and sweet lips fish along the Thila.
  • Particular features: beautiful Thila inside the channel.
  • During north-east monsoon: mostly outgoing current; start dive at the very end of the Thila and drift along the Thila and keep the right to the reef. There are some small overhangs and, at the end of the Thila, large school of fish; a gentle sand slope leads down to the edge of the channel; with strong current better stay close to the Thila as it might be difficult to get back to the reef.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly incoming current; start your dive at the West side and keep the reef to your right; below the edge of the drop there are many overhangs, black corals and gorgonian sea fans. When you see yellow sea fans at the edge means you are in the middle of the channel, straight in front of the Thila, start going in more shallow water; then drift into channel with, possibly, the Thila on your left, this side is more beautiful.
  • Safety considerations: sometimes high waves on the outer reef; be careful if current flows out.
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