• Experience level: easy diving, with slow current. also suitable for beginners. With stronger current is for advanced divers.
  • Coral life: nice at the outer reef and at the entrance.
  • Particular features: inside the Pass there is a Thila that rises from 25 mt, sandy bottom, until 15 mt and continues inside the channel in more shallow water, around 5 mt., with very nice hard corals, good for the safety stop.
  • During north-east monsoon: mostly incoming current, keep the reef to the right shoulder ; Usually before the entrance of the channel there is a school of dark snapper fish ; the edge of the drop off is around 32 mt and over there is possible to see white tip sharks and grey reef sharks hunting tunas, fusiliers fish, Napoleon fish and, very often school of eagle rays; Continue the dive inside the channel until you will reach the Thila.
  • During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, keep the reef to the left shoulder and start on the sandy area; At the beginning stay in more shallow water and slowly start diving deeper along the reef. Once you will reach the corner you can see beautiful and big coral blocks with many reef fish. Finish the dive in the outside reef.
  • Safety considerations: try to descent fast if there is strong incoming current and avoid to end the top reef.
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