• Experience level: Not easy for beginners, especially in the presence of strong currents.
  • Coral life: The upper part and the outer reef have got very nice corals while the channel slope is poor.
  • Fauna: Grey reef and hammerhead sharks with incoming current; white tip reef sharks, jacks, fusiliers at the channel edge; turtles, napoleons, groupers and sometimes also eagle rays on the edge and in the channel.
  • Particular -features: Nice caves at the north corner – around the 22 mt mark – with black and whip wire corals; living within the caves are moray eels, big groupers and a lot of glass fishes.
  • During north-east monsoon: Mostly incoming current. Keep the reef to the right shoulder. During this season many grey reef sharks and a large variety of fish patrol the channel edge. As you continue the dive into the channel, you’ll find some caves.
  • During south-west monsoon: Mostly outgoing current. Keep the left shoulder to the reef. Start your dive on the sand slope where it is possible to see manta rays; further on there are some small caves around 24 mt where grey reef and white tip sharks and mantas may be observed. Continue diving in the outer reef.
  • Safety considerations: In presence of strong currents descend quickly to the reef since currents in the centre of the channel may be strong enough to wash you away.
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