• Experience level: with strong current is suitable for experienced divers only.
  • Coral life: The top Reef is rich of coral life and a lot of reef fish. The Corner is full of blue and white soft corals.
  • Fauna: Easy to see Napoleon fish. school of jack fish and Snapper fish, Eagle Ray, with tip sharks, Grey reef Shark (with incoming current), the rare Humphead Parrot fish and many colorful reef fish.
  • Particular features: The corner is the most interesting due to its richness in coral and fish life. There are many caves and overhangs which creates steps which slope until more than 50 mt.
  • During north-east monsoon: Mostly of the time the current flows from North to South so start diving in the outer reef and keep your left shoulder to the reef. Stay in more shallow water at the beginning, around 20 mt, and once you reach the corner dive deeper to see the caves and overhangs full of soft corals. Than swim in more shallow water zig zag up to the corner until you reach the beautiful and colorful top reef.
  • During the South-West monsoon : Mostly of the time the current flows from South to North. Start diving inside the channel, not too far from the corner ’cause the inner side of the pass is not very interesting. Once you reach the corner follows the dive hints about North-East monsoon.
  • Safety consideration: Pay more attention to your dive computer and pressure gauge’cause it’s easy here to dive deeper and deeper due to the conformation of the corner.
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